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Apr 13, 2018

美國50州房地產排名前5名以及後5名- 新聞 2015 数据




根據美國CNBC報導,以下是排名前5名的州 (最健康的房地產情況)


第5名 North Dakota

第4名 夏威夷 Hawaii

第3名 Montana    

第2名 Alaska 阿拉斯加

第1名 Texas

倒數5名的州 如下

倒數第5名    Illinois

倒數第4名    Rhode Island 

倒數第3名    Arizona

倒數第2名    Florida  佛羅里達州

倒數第1名    Nevada 內華達州

Florida 也是很多遊客去的州,不過跟夏威夷有明顯的不同。

在佛羅里達的房產,快24% 的貸款的房產它們的Equity是負數的

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  • × 獨立房產售出單位 增加12% 比往年的9月比, 中間價格降低4% 目前 777000 USD (與美國本土許多地方相比價格的調整算是比較少的) × 公寓單位的中間價格提升4% $445,000 雖然數量售出減少9% 比起去年9月 × 今年的數據到目前為止 獨立房產的價格保持穩定
  • If you are a non-resident of Hawaii, you will need to pay withholding of HARPTA on the sale price of your home. The State of Hawaii Department of Taxation has announced that the rate will increase from 5% to 7.25% of the sales price for the withholding of tax on the sale of Hawaii properties by non-Hawaii resident persons/entities on or after September 15, 2018.  This withholding is commonly known as “HARPTA”.  Its not a tax on the sale but the amount withheld from the seller’s proceeds from which a possibly tax due the State of Hawaii on a gain is paid. And if you are foreign buyer, you will also need to pay FIRTPA witholding when you sold your house. The increase was anticipated since the Federal government increased “FIRPTA” (withholding for foreign sellers) from 10% to 15% effective for closings on or after February 16, 2016.
  • Occupancy of a home in the city for more than 270 calendar days of a calendar year; registering to vote in the city; being stationed in the city under military orders of the United States; and filing an income tax return as a resident of the State of Hawaii, with a reported address in the city. Your ownership must be recorded at the Bureau of Conveyances on or before September 30th proceeding the tax year for which such exemption is claimed. If you are a lessee with a lease that has a term of five or more years and the parcel is used for residential purposes, the lease and any extension, renewal, assignment or agreement to assign the lease has been recorded at the Bureau of Conveyance, and the lessee agrees to pay all real property taxes during the term of the lease, you may qualify for the home exemption.



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