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Great Vacation Room For Your Hawaii Travel

Are you looking for a unit to rent when you are here in Hawaii for vacation or remote work? We know that some of the places in Waikiki can be as small as 200 SF and charge you 150/night! Now there are units that you can book for less than 140/night for 30 days with washer/dryer and a parking space! You can contact the rental owners by clicking here

For healthcare workers or people who are relocating to Hawaii looking for a new place to rent you will need some place to stay also, those units are great for your needs. book via our site, you will save $$ on service fee that you need to pay if you were to book on the airbnb or vrbo sites. click here to view

If you were to book less than 30 days you will need to submit your request first and we will see if you can join with other renters to make it a month rental. So it is best to book ahead if you need less than 30 days if no other groups can join your booking, your request will be declined.

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